What’s on the Tube: The Walking Dead, S2, EP8 – “Nebraska”

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[Editor’s Note: This review was written for Feb. 12th episode of The Walking Dead]

Episode 8: “Nebraska” – Last Sunday, while most of us were busy watching the 54th Grammy Awards, the rest of us were tuning in to the long awaited mid-season return of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. And oh my, did it return with an epic bang! When we last left off; the whole group was divided into multiple search parties looking for little Sophia, only to discover her tragic fate, and her surprising location. Picking up only moments after discovering the tragic fate of poor little Sophia, the group has been deeply demoralized by this shocking revelation that she’s been within reach of them all along.

Over the course of the first half of season 2 Shane began revealing his true nature to us, his actions to leave Otis to die made it perfectly clear what kind of man he was and how far he’s willing to go for selfish needs. The mid-season return continues with that momentum as Shane continues to question Rick’s decisions at every turn. Meanwhile Rick has become unsure of himself as being the one to lead following the events of last fall’s mid-season finale. I personally feel Rick proved to be more of a leader than anyone else after having the guts to step up and be the only one who was willing to do what was needed to be done, even though it went completely against what he wanted. In that defining moment Rick displayed not only true leadership, but also compassion. He didn’t want to do it (no sensible human being would want to truth be told,) but he did it anyway because no one else was going to. Such action takes more than guts, it takes a certain kind of bravery very few have within them, and even then the act alone will still cost you a heavy price; a piece of what makes you, you. And Rick knew that and still went ahead with doing without hesitation. But now adding on to the fact he’s failed Carol in protecting and returning Sophia back to her unharmed he’s more stressed than ever, adding into the fact he’s trying to deal with the stress of almost losing his son and his wife’s pregnancy (to which we’re still unclear of who the father is.)

My least two favorite characters on the show thus far is easily becoming T-Dog and Andrea, whom have clearly aligned themselves with Shane in this episode after siding with his decision of unlocking the barn as being “justified” for the sake of their survival. This both angered me and left me feeling disappointed, especially with T-Dog, because I really liked his character in the first season and for the first half of the second. But now I’m starting to lose some of that fondness for him character, and in my opinion, he’s starting to become an annoyance. I’ve gone from loving Andrea to feeling bad for her to undeniably hating her guts (Shooting Daryl was the final straw for Me.) it seems she’s making all the wrong decisions and deliberately burning the bridges between herself and those who truly care about her, like Dale for exempla; he’s been like a father figure to her and her sister since the first time the show introduced the whole group in season 1. Hell, he was willing to die with her in the CDC lab in the season 1 finale for crying out loud. If that isn’t unconditional love I honestly don’t know what is then. But she just keeps pushing him away like he was nothing to her, and it only pisses me off every time she does this to Dale.

Dale however is heading down a different path of exposing Shane’s true nature as he is rightfully convinced what really happened to Otis. Dale more so than anyone else is cautious about Shane because he knows what kind of monster Shane is deep down inside and this might put him in harm’s way further down the road with Shane. I can’t be certain just yet, but I have a feeling before this season is done one of them will have the other in a compromising situation that may prove fatal.

Carl seems to be taking Sophia’s fate pretty well all things considering, though Lori seems to be disturbed by this notion because Carl’s attitude about the whole situation seems to display a sense of emptiness for a child his age. In this rare occasion I can’t help but agree with her on this, if Carl is lacking the emotion a child his age should over death, what will this do to him in later years, how will this affect him?

Carol is clearly in shock over discovering her daughter’s unfortunate fate; she’s lost her abusive husband and now her only child, in short she’s lost her entire family since the start of the zombie apocalypse and you can’t help but feel for her, I’m not sure where this will take her in the show now that she has nothing to live for, but I cannot help but wonder if Daryl will play some part in her own salvation. This brings me to Daryl. He above everyone seems to be in a really dark place following the events of Sophia’s discovery. It seems prior to the events that followed, he was really starting to open up. More importantly, he was starting to feel accepted among the group, but now it seems all that was destroyed the moment that barn door swung open. Now more than ever he is alone, will he stay with the group? Will he return hunting for his good for nothing brother Merle?

KILL OF THE WEEK: this week’s kill of the week no doubt goes to Rick in the standoff scene with Glenn and Hershel in the bar scene facing off against the two strangers. Everyone was pumped up on adrenalin and you could cut the tension with a knife. The quick drew was breath taking to say the least.

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