What’s on the Tube: The Walking Dead, S2, EP10 – “18 Miles Out”

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[Editor’s Note: This review was written for Feb. 26th episode of The Walking Dead]Episode 10: “18 Miles Out” – In last Sunday’s episode, “18 Miles Out,” we began with the promise of action put forth by Lori as she set’s into motion an event that would turn her husband Rick against her former lover Shane by convincing Rick that he’s dangerous. This of course pumped viewers up for what would be the showdown of the season, pitting Sheriff against deputy. As the episode begins we find Rick and Shane driving with Randall, the man they rescued in town, tired up and in the trunk of their car driving him out as far as possible away from the farm before releasing him to fend for himself. But before reaching their designated location Rick decides to have a little heart to heart moment with Shane and confront him on his recent change in attitude and behavior, but more particularly wanting answer as to why Lori would feel he is dangerous to the group.

While the tension between the two was sharper than a finely sharpen blade, it certainly did not escalate into the rage filled fight we were hoping for, but rather played forth as a pregame show before the main event. However when it was revealed that Randall not only knew about the Greenes, but also the location of their farm, it forced Rick and Shane to contemplate a dangerous thought; what do with Randall? Kill him? Or don’t? It’s beyond obvious we know what side of the railroad tracks Shane is on with this one, but Rick of all seemed to be in a real battle within himself on this one. While Rick won’t condone the act of murder in cold blood, he can’t completely dismiss it either when the safety of his own family comes into play. I felt this interesting concept being introduced into the show was indeed perplexing, because it not only questions the morals of each person’s character, but also they’re humanity. This concept also left me questioning myself long past the episode was over. If placed in Rick’s possession and the people you loved and cared for were potentially in danger… there wouldn’t be many who would be quick to dismiss the notion of going above and beyond to protect those they care about, and this fact goes much further than human emotions, it’s animal instinct to protect what in your eyes, is rightfully yours.

Their actual throw down was good, but not great. It felt completely underwhelming to what we were teased in the previous episode with, though that’s not to say it wasn’t good. However, for those who’ve complained that this season was lacking in zombie action can stop right there and prepare to rejoice with glee as the episode gave us quite a zombie-filled show of affection in the form of lots and lots of zombies placing Shane, Rick and Randall in hot water, unarmed and out matched. Such a pulse pounding experience it was that also gave us a few fantastic kill scenes. And while their fight was a tad bit underwhelming in my opinion, I did however enjoy the fact Rick saved the day once again over Shane.

Meanwhile back at the farm, Lori has discovered that Beth has fallen into a deep state of depression and has attempted to take her own life. After notifying Maggie of Beth’s plans, we then find both Maggie and Beth in a shouting match over her suicide attempt. I won’t deny that both women both had valid arguments, and it should be someone’s right if they choose to opt-out from the current state of life; it’s the one thing about Andrea that I still cling to liking even though I loathe her character with a passion. However, with that being said, Beth is a kid, who still has a loving father and sister who loves her with all their heart, and for her to even contemplate suicide knowing all too well what kind of pain and suffering it’ll cause her family is downright selfish of her, she needs to think about her family’s needs before thinking of her own as they are doing the same for each other.

Now while this hubbub is going down, Lori and Andrea have words of their own; the discussion being their place among the group as women. Now I I’m no fan of Andrea, I’ve already made point of that, the love I had for her character died the moment she blamed Dale for her still being alive. However I am equally not as pleased with Lori, especially when she has decided that the women’s place in all this is in the kitchen preparing meals and washing cloths while the men protect them… what!?! Are you f****** kidding me? this was not only a low blow to herself as a woman and to women everywhere, but does she seriously think all the women of the group should just cover their eyes and pray they’ll always be protected by the men of the group? However despite my feeling to this moment Andrea could not grant me a moment to like her one bit as she did something completely irresponsible following this scene which thankfully came back to bite her in the ass. While Rick and Shane’s part in this episode is where all the action is, unfortunately the only action you’ll get out of the scenes at the farm are entirely verbal.

Though 18 Miles Out was good, there was certainly lots of room for improvement. I did have one major issue with this episode, Daryl was completely absent in the picture. Not even a mention of him was uttered which I thought was very disappointing seeing that he’s one of the most popular characters in the show, he’s certainly one of my favorites that’s for sure.

KILL OF THE WEEK: This week’s kill of the week goes to Rick for taking out a walker by shooting it in the head through the mouth of a second walker. The whole scene reminded me of Gimli taking out a Warg that collapsed on him, the killing it’s Orc rider on top of that one right after in “The Two Towers”.

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