What’s on the Tube: Smash, S1, EP2 – “The Callback”

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Episode 02: “The Callback” – We open to Karen (McPhee) in a (character-filled) pub in what appears to be a laid back tryout session at first. All of the brass is there, overseeing and apparently enjoying her cover performance of “Call Me” before we are whisked back into reality with Karen at her job. I found her performance fresh, but at the same time, a little on the amateurish side. Her vocal range is great, but not perfect and it can easily be noticed when up against someone like Ivy Lynn (Hilty), who excels at the vocal aspect of the show. There is a plus though, as I can relate to her still being “fresh” and not “seasoned” like Ivy is. So in this aspect, I can forgive Karen’s lack of range.

One thing I did enjoy even more so than I did in the Pilot episode was the presence of Julia (Messing), who’s story is really starting to take shape, while her struggle to adopt an immigrant baby is beginning to tear into her relationship with her husband Frank (James), who is torn between wanting to adopt a baby and going back to work. That on top of Julia going to work full-time on the Marilyn project should really make for some interesting story progression in the near future. Also interesting to see is how Eileen’s (Huston) appending divorce from Jerry (Cristofer) will factor into the play’s budget.

One thing I found myself NOT enjoying was the poor move on Ivy’s part when she decided to personally ‘interact’ with Derek (Davenport). I found that to actually lessen her character’s entire persona by making it seem as though she only got the part in the end because she ‘performed’ better in places that Karen could not. I understand that Derek is supposed to be pretty much the a-hole of the series, but to turn Ivy into an easy sellout so early on in the show’s run just, to me, seemed a little too predictable. I saw her win coming a mile away after that particular scene. Bad move writers, bad move.

In closing, I find myself being able to relate to Karen’s struggle to become a star in a world of seasoned performers and producers. I am really enjoying Julia’s storyline and finding her to be one of the main reasons why I like the show. Her partnership with Tom is perfect because they go together so well, although I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of problems could and may arise from Tom’s new assistant. I want to see how someone like Eileen will fund the show with Jerry so close on her tail, searching for answers, and finally… Ivy needs to redeem herself for the bad choice she made here.

Again, stay tuned each week for my official “What’s on the Tube” segment featuring NBC’s SMASH, and feel free to chime in with your viewer thoughts and opinions in our comments section. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy the show, should you decide to become a regular viewer.

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