TMNT Reboot Gets Working Title!

They say in all things, there is a silver lining. While I do agree with that assessment, fan boys near and far have unfailingly agreed that there is no silver lining when it comes to messing with one’s childhood memories. Earlier this month it was reported that Transformer’s director Michael Bay announced plans to reboot the successful 80’s franchise which spawned three theatrical released live action films, a successful long running cartoon in the 90’s and a CGI sequel in 2007. So what had fans up in arms against Bay’s announcement? Well, for one; the changing of key elements from the turtles’ origins, such as changing them from mutants into aliens and the fact that he this sent the fans into an uproar over the matter by telling them to “chill out”. [News on the reboot announcement]

But now there’s more word on the matter such as a working title. Bleeding Cool has reported and verified that the new reboot will be called “Ninja Turtles”…. Come again? Yep you’ve read right, it appears they won’t be teenagers either now.

According Bleeding Cool one of the sources who broke the news of the title had gone on record to say “It seems to be driven by marketing. Think of John Carter and how Disney wouldn’t allow for a title with either “Princess” or “Mars”.”

Well as much as I enjoyed John Cater, the simplification of dropping out “of Mars” from the title has proven to be a big disappointment at the box office. Does Ninja Turtles have a shot to prevail where other films could not, or will this prove to be a repeat of history? No word as of yet on casting announcements but it’s assume that’ll change very soon if it’s coming out in just under two years.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Extra Tidbit: Can the Turtles make a comeback with Bay/ Liebesman at the helm?

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