The Social Media Massacre Filmmaker Plans Big Announcement!

Clifford K | 16 March 2012 | Indie News, The News Room | | 0 Comments   

Last year, indie horror fans were treated to the release of “The Social Media Massacre” a web-series brought to us by rising indie filmmaker Ron Purtee and his production company, They Call Me Ron Productions. His series saw the talents of many well established actors and actresses and some rising stars which include the likes of; Tina Renee Grace, Nikki Farce, Heather Dorff, Brandon Nichols, Kelsey Zukowski, and Amber Rose Rodriguez.

The main focus of the series is to show “the darker side of social media,” with every episode standing uniquely on its own, telling a story of unspeakable horrors and praying on your deepest darkest fears deep inside the World Wide Web!

Now you’re probably wondering why this is being brought up as news, if it was originally reported on last year? Well, there’s good reason: Ron (the man) Paurtee, has gone on record saying that he will be making a very big announcement once a TSMM Facebook page reaches its goal of 250 Likes. I spoke to Ron recently and this is what he had to say:

“Clifford Kiyabu I enjoyed watching this little installment of TSMM… Is it too soon to call it a classic? 😉

Ron Purtee: No because I have an announcement to make. Only thing is, I need to get the fan page to 250 likes first. So close, yet so far! haha”

So with that being said, the Fan Page is already at 235 Likes (last checked), and with only 15 more likes to go, Mr. Purtee will have no other choice but to spill the beans to the eager fans soon. So head on over to Facebook and Like The Social Media Massacre fan page by clicking HERE. And if you haven’t seen the talked about series yet, then scroll on down to watch the Webisodes:





Extra Tidbit: It’s still way too early to speculate what the haps on this announcement could be, but it would be interesting to see where Purtee goes with it.

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