“The Office” Leslie David Baker is a Ladies Man in Début Single!

Clifford K | 04 February 2012 | Mainstream News, The News Room | , | 0 Comments   

Now days it’s a highly common thing to see actors take a stab at the music scene, it’s not a surprise really, I mean celebrities have been doing it for decades. However there comes a time when a rarity such as this comes along and you can’t help but say “Whaaa!” followed by “Yeaaah!” for some, what I speak of might come as a bit of old news, but I assure you that those of you who haven’t seen it yet will no doubt be in shock because there is nothing more surprising and epic then seeing NBC’s The Office very own Leslie David Baker rock it out in his autotune dance début single “2 Be Simple” (Featuring N.U.M.).

Now I know what you’re thinking, anytime the word “autotune” is brought up involving a song it can’t be good, well I assure you while that might be the case this is the exception as we see ol’ Leslie work his smooth moves with the ladies (you one sly dog Les), and trust me you’ll be laughing with excitement by the end of the video. Now scroll down and see why Leslie is the man when it comes to all the ladies! See him rocking it out Ke$ style!

Extra Tidbit: Now I know why Stanley is always eager to get the hell out of Dunder-Mifflin at the end of the day, I would too if I had a house full of hotties waiting for me.

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