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Michael Rooker returns as Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead!

AMC’s The Walking Dead ranked in as one of the highest rated shows on network television last year, but what makes it such an appealing show? It’s not the zombie apocalypse devastating the world, or the action between the living dead and the survivors, nor is it about the horror element all together. What makes TWD so appealing is the human element, the will to see these variety of people from different backgrounds push on through life in a world turned upside down and somehow make it through it all.

Last season we were given a teaser of what’s to come next for Rick and his group, but more importantly, we were given a few hints at the introduction of a few interesting (Michonne), yet sinister (The Governor,) characters from the comic as well as the promise of the return of past characters including Merle Dixon (Played by Michael Rooker) brother of Daryl Dixon. . When last we saw Merle he was handcuffed to a poll on the roof top of a building in Atlanta with vengeances in his eyes for being left behind by Rick and the group. However if this still is any indication about Merle’s wellbeing, it’s that he alive and well and is itching for some payback.

The new season of The Walking Dead returns Sundays this fall on AMC.

Extra Tidbit: So do you think Merle’s reintroduction around the same time as The Governor coming into the picture merely a coincidence, or is there something much more sinister at play here?

Source: AMC

The Full Trailer for True Blood Season Five!

We’re just under a month away from the premiere of the new season of HBO’s True Blood, but like a drug addict addicted to V itching for another hit, June 10th feels like a life time away. Last season left us aching with many questions over so many heart-stopping moments that it’s felt like an eternity since we’ve seen the mystical hick town of Bon Temps.

However for those who tuned into HBO just before the airing of the new episode of Game of Thrones tonight got themselves a little taste of the new season in an extended look of what’s to come this season of True Blood, but fear not my fellow Truebies and Fangbangers alike, I come bearing gifts and words of good tidings, in case you missed it when it aired on HBO tonight you can watch the video below!

True Blood Season 5: Trailer

The new airs Sunday, June 10th, only on HBO.

EXTRA TIDBIT: Is Sookie and Bill’s relationship truly dead? Will she go back to Eric? Or will Alcide get a taste of what he’s been missing out on these last two seasons? Also, what do you think Roman’s introduction will bring this season and exactly what is Russell Edgington’s plan for revenge?

SIDE NOTE: I once tried to make vacation plans for Bon Temps, Kokomo and La Isla Bonita, and was told all three didn’t exist. Some fucker’s been telling me lies. What next, the North Pole is just ice and polar bears? Fucking crazy, I tell you.

Bublenutz Productions Presents: Welcome To Dreadville!

The indie genre has always proven to be a true enervator of film, and going places mainstream often cannot. The indie underground manages to capture a side of film that the mainstream industry is unable to capture, sometimes because it’s “Taboo,” or pushing the limits of what’s acceptable for viewers, all while doing this on a limited, and sometimes ultra-low budget. Bublenutz Productions, a Chicago based company, and writer/director Jason Patfield brings forth the indie series WELCOME TO DREADVILLE. An award winning series unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Produced on a ultra-Low budget that showcases crime, drugs, and abuse in the streets of Dreadville Illinois. Some from within the indie underground have compared the series to “Tales from the Darkside meets Twilight Zone” with the episodes ranging from the horror genre to thriller, to a touch of comedy.

The show is a compilation of “surreal stories from the dark suburban streets of Dreadville Illinois where gangs, organized crime, murderers and drugs dealers are above the law.”

The episodes are standalone segments with its own unique story to tell and with its own setting, each episode runs roughly at 30 to 45 minutes a piece. Currently the series has released 8 episode all available right now for purchase on DVD or Streaming vie Amazon.com:

Directed By: Jason Patfield
Written By: Jason Patfield and Jay Kranson.
Starring: Kevin Bliss, Kelli Clevenger, Tom Fernandez, Jack Guasta, Tom Lodewyck, Jason Patfield.
Plot: A missing person, a detective on the case, and a killer on the loose. When does the torture stop? When you’re dead.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1200863/

Directed By: Jason Patfield
Written By: Jason Patfield
Starring: John Bienasz, Matt Boisacy, Alex Gonzalez, Jack Guasta, Tom Lodewyck, Ivy Patfield, Jason Patfield, Dillion Sanchez.
Plot: As The Sydicated Mafia pump’s the newest, highly addictive drug Jak into the small town of Dreadvile, Eric Chasta realize he has one more problem to deal with. This includes dealing with his ex-girlfriend Jenny Walker, Dodging his arch rival Carmen Aurello and worst feeding his addictive habits. Will Eric’s future depend on his decisions or has his future already been written?
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0952692/

Directed By: Jason Patfield
Written By: Jason Patfield
Starring: John Bienasz, Lauren Bienasz, Anthony Brawner, Colleen Elizabeth Miller and Jason Patfield.
Plot: Sam is left mentally ill and handicap after a tragic accident occurs involving her young daughter Rei. This misfortune leads to troubles adjusting to her new life style but when a Social Worker arrives to help her face her demons, strange apparitions start to appear. Sam suddenly realizes she has more then just her disabilities to conquer.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1200863/

Directed By: Michael Schmid, John Bienasz and Jason Patfield.
Written By: Jason Patfield
Starring: Bryant Dailey, Tom Fernandez, Chad Foor, Steven H. Hansen, Will Jones, Laura Locascio, Colleen Elizabeth Miller, Talli Nemo, Darren Smith, Scott Treinen, Anthony Whitaker and Ruan Woolfolk.
Plot: As the Syndicated Mafia seeks to gain control, the local gang and drug lords have one option, either join or die. Meanwhile Hez Wolfen, last of the drug lords and his psychic side kick Locash stand tall as they watch their enemies crumble around them. While making a trip to visit her dear grandpa, poor little unsuspecting Red Ruben stumbles upon Hez’s territory. The big bad Wolfen watches from afar as she moves into his grasp.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1200863/

Directed By: John Bienasz, Jason Patfield and Alex Gonzalez.
Written By: Jason Patfield
Starring: Reggie Baker, Anthony Brawner, Kelli Clevenger, Chad Foor, Elliott Fredland, Steven H. Hansen, Colleen Elizabeth Miller, Charles Ramsey, Mandy Hambel Ramsey and Erik Uppling.
Plot: When Geo Francisco, a cannibalistic killer escapes from the Tin Park mental institution the town of Dreadville is on edge and to make things worse Dreadville has lost power leaving the town in utter darkness. As Daisy Clark waits alone for her husband to get home she begins to hear noises and when she approximates that danger is near, she become frantic. Is the killer in her presence? Or is the dark of night just playing tricks on her?
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1297311/

Directed By: Jason Patfield and J.D. Scruggs.
Written By: Jason Patfield, J.D. Scruggs and Kevin Kruzel.
Starring: Steven Rohlf, Bryant Dailey, Sharon Dalla Costa, Claudia Di Biccari, Tom Fernandez, Alex Gonzalez, Barb Boisacy, Melissa Boisacy, Robert Boisacy, Ivy Patfiel, Jason Patfield and Charles Ramsey.
Plot: Josh has a gambling problem and is about to lose his apartment but worst of all he owes the Syndicated Mafia money. When his lifelong friend Rhett shows up at his door with his own problems both devise a plan to get out of town, can they escape the town of Dreadville or has their luck run out.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1417593/

Directed By: Jose Carlos Gomez.
Written By: Jose Carlos Gomez and Jason Patfield.
Starring: North Roberts, Jason Patfield, Carla Westlund, Artemio Gonzalez, Anthony Brawner, Laura Locascio, Elizabeth Antonucci, Derrick Ballantine, John Bienasz, Jennifer D’Adamo, Laura Francesconi, Elliott Fredland, David M. Gomez, DC McAuliffe and Frank Anthony Meo.
Plot: Blood is thicker than syrup.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1469298/

Directed By: Jason Patfield, J.D. Scruggs and Tony Wash.
Written By: Jason Patfield and Johnny 5.
Starring: James Barbee, Will Cummings III, Raquel Garcia, Kendyl Lynch, Timon Morales and Steven James Price.
Plot: Timon and James decide to visit their old catholic school before its demolished but when a familiar face shows up, it instantly brings back haunting memories.
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1814941/

The WELCOME TO DREADVILLE series is available now by Bublenutz Productions on Amazon.com. where the series can be purchased on DVD or streamed via amazon streaming.

TMNT Reboot Gets Working Title!

They say in all things, there is a silver lining. While I do agree with that assessment, fan boys near and far have unfailingly agreed that there is no silver lining when it comes to messing with one’s childhood memories. Earlier this month it was reported that Transformer’s director Michael Bay announced plans to reboot the successful 80’s franchise which spawned three theatrical released live action films, a successful long running cartoon in the 90’s and a CGI sequel in 2007. So what had fans up in arms against Bay’s announcement? Well, for one; the changing of key elements from the turtles’ origins, such as changing them from mutants into aliens and the fact that he this sent the fans into an uproar over the matter by telling them to “chill out”. [News on the reboot announcement]

But now there’s more word on the matter such as a working title. Bleeding Cool has reported and verified that the new reboot will be called “Ninja Turtles”…. Come again? Yep you’ve read right, it appears they won’t be teenagers either now.

According Bleeding Cool one of the sources who broke the news of the title had gone on record to say “It seems to be driven by marketing. Think of John Carter and how Disney wouldn’t allow for a title with either “Princess” or “Mars”.”

Well as much as I enjoyed John Cater, the simplification of dropping out “of Mars” from the title has proven to be a big disappointment at the box office. Does Ninja Turtles have a shot to prevail where other films could not, or will this prove to be a repeat of history? No word as of yet on casting announcements but it’s assume that’ll change very soon if it’s coming out in just under two years.

Source: Bleeding Cool

Extra Tidbit: Can the Turtles make a comeback with Bay/ Liebesman at the helm?

A tribute to Whitney Houston

February 11th, 2012. will forever mark a dark day for music fans everywhere, as one of the greatest voices of our generation has passed away. Whitney Elizabeth Houston has died in the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills, California.

According to her Publicist Kristen Foster, who made the announcement on Saturday, February 11th. The cause of death appears to have been by drowning. No confirmation on how, but speculations may point to some form of medication that rendered her unconscious. Meanwhile news of her sudden untimely passing has shaken both the music and film industry, leaving celebrities expressing their heartfelt condolences for her passing and anger towards certain events continuing to take place without regard of the event.

The industry’s Reaction:

Many celebrities issued public statements responding to Houston’s passing. Singer/actress Dolly Parton, whose song ‘I Will Always Love You’ was covered by Houston in 1992 which was featured in the film ‘The Bodyguard’ said in a statement “I will always be grateful and in awe of the wonderful performance she did on my song and I can truly say from the bottom of my heart, ‘Whitney, I will always love you. You will be missed’” meanwhile Houston’s Ex-husband, Bobby Brown was reportedly “in and out of crying fits” after receiving the news of his Ex’s passing. He did not cancel a scheduled performance following that night, but audience members in Mississippi reported having seen Brown blowing kisses skyward, tearfully saying “I love you, Whitney.”

Houston godmother, Aretha Franklin, commented on reading about her death “It’s so stunning and unbelievable. I couldn’t believe what I was reading coming across the TV screen,” Meanwhile CBS’s ‘2 Broke Girls’ star, actress Kat Dennings, voiced her disgust over hearing word of the Beverly Hilton carrying on with their party event only hours after the singer was found lifeless in her hotel room: “Why the FUCK is the party at the Beverly Hilton still happening tonight? Tacky and disrespectful.”

Following the news of her death Ken Erhlich, executive producer of the 54th Grammy Awards, announced that Jennifer Hudson and Chaka Khan will perform a tribute to Houston at the awards. He said: “Event organizers believed Hudson, an Academy Award winning actress and Grammy Award winning artist, could perform a respectful musical tribute to Houston.” Erhlich than went on to say: “It’s too fresh in everyone’s memory to do more at this time, but we would be remiss if we didn’t recognize Whitney’s remarkable contribution to music fans in general, and in particular her close ties with the Grammy telecast and her Grammy wins and nominations over the years.”

It was reported during Sunday’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards Singer/Actor LL Cool J, whom also hosted the awards reminded audience members and those tuning in that “tonight we celebrate music, and we celebrate Whitney.” He then went on to say “We’ve had a death in the family,” he then started the show with a prayer for Houston and a clip of the music legend singing ‘I Will Always Love You.’

Editor’s Opinion:

It’s still a very surreal feeling writing about her death, not in a million years would I ever imagine I’d be sitting here writing about the unfortunate passing of a talented individual such as Whitney Houston, it’s just something you never expect to do… I cannot say I was a major fan of Houston’s music because in all honesty I wasn’t. I enjoyed a great deal of her many great memorable hits but aside from that I never followed her career as closely as some did.

However, one very vivid memory in particular I remember about the singer was the first time I heard Whitney Houston sing ‘I Will Always Love You.’ I was six years old at the time and though I didn’t understand half the meaning behind the lyrics, her unique voice sent chills running down my back when she hit the high note towards the end of the song. The intensity of her mezzo-soprano vocal range was beyond incredible; it truly was a one of a kind voice.

While a dark cloud was cast upon her image by various groups of the media in the later part of her life due to her constant struggle with substance abuse, she leaves behind a legacy of artistry that reached out and touched the hearts and minds of millions across the world. It’s greatly disappointing that over the course of the next few months the only thing on people’s minds (due to mass reports by mainstream media outlets) of Ms.Houston will be speculations and rumored gossip over her death. This is most distressing because we should be celebrating the life she lived and the legacy she left behind rather than the gloomy image painted of her by others in later years. In all honesty we’ve all done our fair share of regrettable mistakes in life; no one goes Scott free from that sad fact. But it’s not the mistakes we do in life that echo’s into eternity. It’s the good we’ve done and the lives we’ve touched along the way that will live on forever.

August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012

Extra Tidbit: In her career Whitney Houston was nominated for a grand total of 562 Awards in her lifetime. She Won a total 415 of them which includes six Grammy Awards over the course of 14 years.

True Blood Gets New Blood Next Season!

If you’ve ever heard the phrase Fangbanger or have the overwhelming urge to say “You are mine” in a deep seductive southern accent, then it’s most likely you’re a fan of author Charlaine Harris’ The Southern Vampire Mysteries AKA The Sookie Stackhouse Novels AKA True Blood (wow that a lot of AKA’s.) and most likely an even bigger fan of the hit HBO series. With that being said, one could argue that True Blood played a huge part to the recent successes of vampire lore being a popular topic in all forms of media today. And with the series being at an all-time high in ratings and popularity what could possibly make the show even more interesting? Well how about some new faces added to the cast for the next season? Yep that’s right, Deadline reports that two new actors have been cast for the 5th season of True Blood. At the moment the creators have been mum on anything regarding the production of next season including what direction the general plot will be taking next year. However, with that being said, Deadline acquired an expulsive regarding the two new additions to the cast. Actress Kelly Overton and actor Louis Herthum will be joining the cast next year with each getting a 6 to 7 episode story arc next season.

Overton, will play a dirty, beautiful werewolf named Rikki who demands to know what’s become of the pack leader.
Herthum, will play a particularly large Marine-type werewolf who refuses to bow down before the new pack leader.

Meanwhile there is still no official word by the creators or not if season 5 will in fact be the shows last season or not. As hinted by the creators early this year, there have been some hints at the possibility that season 5th may or may not be the last season for the hit HBO show. For now Trubies will just have to wait it out until official word on the subject does come down the wire, If and when word does arise you can bet we will report it.

Side Tidbit: I’m probably going to get some heat from this but I honestly don’t care, if you think Twilight is what Vampires are, then you know nothing about vampires and don’t deserve to call yourself a fan of the lore.