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A Sneak Peek of THE WALKING DEAD Episode 212: “Better Angels”

Can’t get enough of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD? Well here’s a sneak peek at Episode 212 “Better Angels” airing Sunday, March 4th at 9/8c on AMC.

Rick and the survivors are gearing up for something big. Find out what the group is making preparations for in this sneak peak from episode 212. Watch the full episode Sunday, March 11 at 9/10c. Only on AMC.

Rainn Wilson Talks about Potential ‘Office’ Spin-Off

The Office is one of NBC’s most celebrated comedies for the Network, but it’s not their oddball sense of humor that hooks viewers in every week. No, it’s the presence the cast infuses into their characters that reels viewership in every week. Since 2008 the rumor of an Office spin-off have circulated the interweb, there’s even been hints and teases by those involved with the show but never quite brought to fruition (We came close with Parks and Recreation, but alas, no cigar).

And with so many memorable characters on the show like Ed Helms and his corky attitude as Andy Bernard, or Rainn Wilson as the ever so oddball Dwight Schrute, or Creed Bratton as, well, Creed Bratton… every character has their own memorable moments and to that extent we love them all for their strange awkward antics. But the question comes to mind; are any of them deserving of having their own spin-off? And if so, who??

According to The Hollywood Reporter the spin-off is very much alive and will be much “Weirder” then its counterpart. During last Sunday’s SAG awards actor Rainn Wilson was cornered by reporters on addressing the news regarding an Office Spin-off and Wilson confirms that a concept is in fact in the works and it’ll much more awekward in oddball humor.

“It could be really cool because It would be on his farm, which would be a bed & breakfast, and it would have a crazy menagerie of characters,” he told E!’s Giuliana Rancic on the red carpet, adding: “It would be even more far out and weirder than The Office… it’s a good idea.”

According to the THR the concept might get a test of sorts on an upcoming episode of The Office later this season. Wilson, along with Office co-star Paul Lieberstein and executive producer Ben Silverman, are believed to be involved, though the actor suggested the spin-off is just an idea at this point, the possibility is still very much alive and well.

Extra Tidbit: If you could pick one character from The Office to get their very own spin-off, who would you like to see?