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Review: Hand of Glory (2012)

Directed by: Stuart Wahlin Written by: Stuart Wahlin Genre: Drama / Horror / Thriller MPAA: Not Rated Released: March 25th, 2012. Starring: Heather Dorff. Darren Marlar. Justin R. Romine. Michael Schmid. Brian Kramer. Joe DeBartolo. Plot: Lonely delivery falls... Read More »

Review: The Secret Friend (2010)

Directed by: Flavio Alves Written by: João Silvério Trevisan (short story), Flavio Alves (screenplay) Genre: Short / Comedy / Drama MPAA: Not Rated Released: June 27, 2010 Starring: Viola Harris, Siobhan Fallon, Jerry Jaffe, Richard Scott, Beau Hauser, Melvin... Read More »

Review: Second Star (2011)

Reviewed By: Kelsey Zukowski Starring: Stephanie Sylvester, Troy Zitzelberger, Brittany Collins, Heather Dorff Directed By: Derek Quint Grade: B Second Star is a short film about a homeless woman on New Year’s Eve. We follow her throughout the night... Read More »