Review: Kick Ass 2 (2013)

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Directed By: Jeff Wadlow
Written By: Jeff Wadlow (screenplay), Mark Millar (comic book) & John Romita Jr. (comic book)
Starring: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloë Grace Moretz, Clark Duke, Morris Chestnut, Jim Carrey, Lindy Booth, Augustus Prew, Olga Kurkulina, John Leguizamo.

Geren: Action / Comedy / Crime

Reviewed by: Mike Huntley (The Dark Knight)

Grade: B+

After the somewhat success of 2010’s superhero movie Kick-Ass, plans for a sequel quickly came up. Now, I’m not sure what all happened, but Lionsgate who distributed the first film dropped the sequel so Universal picked it up. Then, Matthew Vaughn couldn’t come back to direct due to scheduling conflicts so he just stayed on as producer. Co-creator of Kick-Ass, Mark Millar, decided on Jeff Wadlow to write and direct Kick-Ass 2. It was obvious due to the ending of the first film that McLovin’s character Chris D’Amico would be the villain in the sequel. Excitement really kicked in when Jim Carrey was announced. It’s been a long time since Carrey has been in an awesome movie and plus he has been in over the top superhero movies before with The Mask and Batman Forever so he seemed like the perfect person for a film like this. Unfortunately, Carrey didn’t like the violence in the film and publicly tweeted on Twitter that he didn’t feel right in promoting the sequel. Critic and audience reviews have been all over the place. But, this is a comic book world that is not for everyone. Kick-Ass is only for those who can handle over the top cartoonish violence and dark humor. If that ain’t your cup of tea then you have no business watching either film. So, is Kick-Ass 2 the sequel that we have been waiting for? In my humble opinion, Hell Fucking Yes!

Dave Lizewski has been wanting to become Kick-Ass again after spending some time just being a normal teenager. So, Mindy trains him to become a tougher crime fighter. Unfortunately for Dave, Mindy decides to hang up being Hit-Girl due to her guardian Marcus wanting her to have the life she should have had all along. Mindy tries to hang with the mean girls and the Heathers of her new High School, but quickly finds that being a normal teenage girl is almost as hard as being Hit-Girl. Dave on the other hand is dumped by his girlfriend Katie when Katie thinks that he is cheating on her with Mindy. So, Dave puts on the costume again and joins up with fellow superheroes like Dr. Gravity, Colonel Stars and Stripes, Night Bitch, and his buddy Marty who’s now Battle Guy and they form their own JLA known as Justice Forever. Meanwhile, Chris D’Amico wants revenge on Kick-Ass for killing his Dad so he decides to become a supervillain known as The Motherfucker and starts his own Legion of Doom. Now it’s an all out war in New York between Justice Forever and The Motherfucker’s army of supervillains.

I’ll say it now, Kick-Ass 2 rocked hard! I loved it. Now, was it better than the first film? Yes and no. Where the first film shined better was by having a much better villain. While Frank was a great foe, Chris/Motherfucker is not but his army sure as Hell is. Mother Russia was probably the best villain of the movie. That was one tough woman! She’s basically the Kick-Ass world’s version of Bane. That fight between her and Hit-Girl was insane. But, The Motherfucker with his S & M bondage costume was lame yet the kinda lame where I can laugh at for being so stupid.

I thought Kick-Ass (2010) had much better character development than Kick-Ass 2, but loved the escalated development of Mindy/Hit-Girl in this. It kinda reminded me of Spider-Man 2 where Peter Parker decided to quit being Spider-Man because it became too much and tried a normal life. I know some complained that this section of the story went into a Mean Girls/Heathers direction, but you know what? I was okay with that. I liked how these popular bitches were almost just as villainous as the dudes that Hit-Girl would fight and kill on the streets. And Mindy’s way of getting revenge on them was both gross and hilariously genius. If I could pick one thing about this sequel that I hated though, it would be the portrayal of Kick-Ass’ girlfriend Katie. She just came off as a fucking bitch in this movie. Now, I can understand how she could maybe get the idea of Dave cheating on her with Mindy, but she could have at least up front asked him about it instead of slapping him and calling him a rapist. And then she is out of the movie! What the fuck? They don’t even resolve this conflict? But yeah aside from a lame main villain, this was the big issue I had. I do kinda think they had too many characters to focus on, but at least they were interesting and didn’t annoy me.

I do like that Kick-Ass and his Dad had a better father/son relationship in this film unlike the first movie. Mr. Lizewski is very concerned about his son and doesn’t want him to be Kick-Ass anymore. And then there’s Justice Forever. These people are probably my favorite part of this sequel. Basically Kick-Ass has his own Justice League. It was just really cool seeing all of these people in costumes that looked goofy yet fun to wear. It’s like when you’re a kid and want to dress up as Batman or Superman. Colonel Stars and Stripes was awesome. I loved him telling the other members to watch their language and to not take the Lord’s name in vain. And how about the swear jar where Mindy had to put money in every time she cussed and then you see the jar at the end of the film and it has over flowed with cash?

The film was definitely a little darker than the first film in the violence department. This is the perfect example of escalation besides The Dark Knight. By dressing up in a costume, it inspired others to do so and when Kick-Ass killed Frank D’Amico, it inspired Chris to become a villain.

I love the final battle at Motherfucker’s lair especially the fight between Hit-Girl and Mother Russia.

The direction by Jeff Wadlow was not bad I thought. Although, I would have preferred Matthew Vaughn. But, Wadlow makes the experience fun.

The acting was fine. Aaron Johnson still kicks ass as Kick-Ass. Chloe Grace Moretz is still great as Hit-Girl/Mindy. Due to the way this film ended, I hope the next film will be a Hit-Girl movie. Fingers crossed. I sincerely think that Moretz could carry a film with this character. Clark Duke was fun as Marty/Battle Guy. McLovin was a lame villain as The Motherfucker/Chris D’Amico. I’ll take Mother Russia over this douche. Lindy Booth was hot as Hell as Night Bitch. I haven’t seen Booth in a film since like 2005 so it was great to see her again. Jim Carrey was awesome as Colonel Stars and Stripes. Definitely one of Carrey’s best performances. It’s a shame that he thinks so negatively of the film. John Leguizamo was good in his small role as Chris’ bodyguard Javier. Donald Faison who I haven’t seen in awhile was great as The Atom wannabe Dr. Gravity. August Prew who played Todd and replaced Evan Peters was just forgettable. Bring back Peters! Lyndsy Fonseca was wasted and turned into a bitch no less as Katie. What happened to that sweet girl from the first film? And Morris Chestnut was okay as Marcus.

Overall, Kick-Ass 2 was a very awesome sequel yet just lacked a few small things that made the first movie great. It’s a definite must watch if you loved the first film. If this is your type of superhero saga then welcome to Justice Forever and if not then, “HAHA! There’s a dog on you’re balls!”

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