PODCAST: Mysterious Streams – EP 008: “Five Dolls for an August Moon”

The Doctor | 02 July 2013 | PODCAST | | 0 Comments   

The Critic’s Word is Proud to present: Mysterious Streams: a podcast celebrating the obscure, mysterious, bizarre, and bad films offered by movie streaming services. Hosted by Husband and wife pod casting sensation “The Geeky senorita” and “The Mimekiller”(with guests, surprise hosts, and random giveaways)

Italian people have done a lot for humanity. Pizza, pasta, and well the only things I can think of are food related but my point is they also made this movie which is not pizza but is a movie. I wish I could be more clear but after almost 80 minutes of this movie the only concrete thing I could say about this movie is that it is in fact a movie and not a pizza.

-Next movie “Schizo”

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