PODCAST: Mysterious Streams – EP 007: “Cruicbile of Horror”

The Doctor | 23 June 2013 | PODCAST | | 0 Comments   

The Critic’s Word is Proud to present: Mysterious Streams: a podcast celebrating the obscure, mysterious, bizarre, and bad films offered by movie streaming services. Hosted by Husband and wife pod casting sensation “The Geeky senorita” and “The Mimekiller”(with guests, surprise hosts, and random giveaways)

The Eastwood family is a lot like your family, that is if your family has a dick for a father, a cray cray painter for a mother, a sociopath for a brothers and a thieving pirate hooker for a sister. In Cruicbile of Horror, the patriarch of the Eastwood family has finally beaten his family so brutally that they craft a plot to kill him. But can they kill the biggest dick in all of England? Can they push his body down a cliff hard and fast enoguh to finish the job? Find out, on this episode of mysterious streams!

-Email mimekiller@gmail.com for any questions or to particapte in any discussion!

-Next movie is 5 Dolls for an August Moon

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