PODCAST: Mysterious Streams – EP 006: “Act of Vengeance”

The Doctor | 08 June 2013 | PODCAST | | 0 Comments   

The Critic’s Word is Proud to present: Mysterious Streams: a podcast celebrating the obscure, mysterious, bizarre, and bad films offered by movie streaming services. Hosted by Husband and wife pod casting sensation “The Geeky senorita” and “The Mimekiller”(with guests, surprise hosts, and random giveaways)

Rape is bad. Rape plus Christmas carols is even worse. Rape plus Christmas carols plus scary masks is enough to drive 5 woman to form a “Rape Squad”, a group dedicated to fighting flashers, creepy callers, pimps, and oh yea the dude they formed to catch in the first place. In this podcast, many outrageous claims are made(mostly by the female half of the podcast) and new territory is broken. Nothing will be the same ever again.

NOTE:the next movie and the official film to kick off “Summer of Horror” is “Crucible of Horror”

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