PODCAST: Mysterious Streams – EP 003

The Doctor | 11 May 2013 | PODCAST | | 0 Comments   

The Critic’s Word is Proud to present: Mysterious Streams: a podcast celebrating the obscure, mysterious, bizarre, and bad films offered by movie streaming services. Hosted by Husband and wife pod casting sensation “The Geeky senorita” and “The Mimekiller”(with guests, surprise hosts, and random giveaways)

Arena stars a ex-Twlight vampire and the current head of SHIELD in a movie that dares asks the question, how many times can a human being be tazed in 90 minutes? Also, Sam Jackson gets his mack on two woman at the same time, more digital blood than you can shake a fist at, and enough love scenes with no chemistry to make you question the orientation of everyone involved, its ARENA and its discuses on this episode of Mysterious Streams!

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