Patrick Wilson & Vera Farmiga Set to star in James Wan’s The Conjuring

Director James Wan has only five features under his belt (according to IMDB) and yet he’s already considered by some as a master of horror. Personally I’ve only had the pleasure seeing four of his five films, three of which are among my favorite films of the 2000 era, On the other hand, the fourth is one of my least favorites (wouldn’t you like to know which one is that?) Last year’s box office success ‘INSIDIOUS’ was a tremendous success both critically and finically pulling in over $54 million domestically while racking in just a few million shy of a cool $100 million worldwide on a budget of only, get this; $1.5 Mill! Insidious (Limited release in 2010) is probably one of the most profitable horror films of 2011. So with that type of numbers pulled in on such an impressively small budget you have to respect James Wan for always attracting such a top notch cast in all his features.

So with that being said, it only makes sense that he’d keep the paranormal theme going right into his next project THE CONJURING. According to The Hollywood Reporter actor Patrick Wilson (Insidious) and Vera Farmiga (Up in the Air) are going to play “a husband and wife team of demonologists and psychic investigators who enter the most horrifying case of their career, spirits in a Rhode Island farmhouse.”

The Conjuring is written by Chad and Carey Hayes and is “based on the real life tale of the Perron family and their ordeals in the 1970s. When New Line acquired the pitch from the Hayes, it included life rights to the Perron family and the paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren.” Filming is slated to begin this March in North Carolina with a TBA 2013 release date.

Extra Tidbit: I wonder how Wan will handle the supernatural aspect of the plot since it’s based on a true story, will he give it the poltergeist treatment?

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