Dead Ever After [Book Review]

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Dead Ever After (The Final Sookie Stackhouse novel) by Charlaine Harris
Published: May 7, 2013 by Ace
Genre: Mystery/Fantasy/Vampires
Reviewed by: Nicole Raines
My rating: 3.5 of 5 stars

Disclaimer:  The following will contain major spoilers on Sookie’s love life and the fate of certain characters.

Okay, so full disclosure – I accidentally read the spoilers surrounding Dead Ever After  before it was officially released. I can’t say I was happy about the ending, but giving certain events of the previous book, I wasn’t really shocked either. I know a lot of people are angry over the outcome – a lot of people even canceled their pre-orders, but I decided to see the series through to the finish line. I had a month to brood over Charlaine Harris’s decision before actually reading it for myself. By the time I picked up the book, I had already made peace with knowing how it would end. I decided that I would enjoy Sookie’s final story and that’s exactly what I did. If I had come into this book spoiler-free, I might be a bit more outraged, but honestly, in terms of the storyline, I felt it’s probably one of the better Sookie Stackhouse books in a very long time.

The storyline is essentially that Sookie is being set up for the murder of Arlene Fowler and several of Sookie’s friends come together to help solve the murder-mystery and clear Sookie’s name. It was honestly nice to get back to Sookie’s roots and have it involve a murder “mystery” that wasn’t entirely wrapped up in vampire/were/fairy politics. While some of those elements were still there, this time we have demons and a couple of humans from Sookie’s past out for vengeance – with a final twist thrown in of course. I enjoyed this storyline and found it interesting that Harris chose to go in a different direction with this book by not always staying in Sookie’s point of view…maybe this choice was a way to prepare Harris for her next book. Anyway, the only thing I will complain about regarding the storyline for Dead Ever After  is that it seemed to have a rushed ending and I felt it was just a bit anticlimactic. I guess I was expecting more danger and suspense. Before I get into what I hated about the book, I have to say that I was also happy to see the return of several characters, including Amelia and Quinn.

Now, what I was NOT happy with at all is how little of Eric we actually got. I contented myself with the knowledge that they would not end up together, but I was hoping that we would have at least one more moment of happiness with them. A final love scene that broke our hearts perhaps. I would have even opted for a big blow up fight between them instead of the way he left, which was him just quietly leaving without a REAL good-bye.  I’m also still not happy with how Eric seemed like a bastardization of his former self in the previous book, so I was hoping the final story would show him more of the badass Viking that he was, rather than the version of him we ended up with. Maybe my True Blood- Eric is getting mixed in with my book- Eric, but I’m certain earlier book-Eric would have found a way to be with Sookie, other than brooding over how Sookie chose to use her magical object. I’m also not happy with how Eric is essentially forced into a marriage. I would have felt better if Eric had a definite choice in the way things ended. He did help Sookie before he left – from a distance- but all I can imagine is him spending two hundred years with a vampire he didn’t choose to be with, while still in-love with Sookie.

As for Sookie’s decision to be with Sam:  I don’t totally hate the idea. I can see how it makes sense for her, even if it’s not what I wanted. They have always been good friends and he’s “safe” and relatively human.  I think Sam deserves happiness…but I don’t know why Sam’s happiness had to come at the expense of Eric’s. I’m going to seriously start ranting if I put much more thought into her decision. One final thought about them though: Their sex scene …What was that about?!? I found myself amused in a “Did Harris seriously just write that?” kind of way. I mean “two seals sliding together?!” LMAO – Just no.

Ultimately, I enjoyed the final book for what it offered in terms of storyline. I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I can’t bring myself to be completely outraged with Charlaine Harris. We would  have never had these characters without her in the first place. Without her there would have never been a Eric Northman to love.  So what I’m going to do  instead is hope that True Blood will one day give us Sookie & Eric fans a more satisfying ending.

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