What’s on the Tube: Smash, S1, EP2 – “The Callback”

Episode 02: “The Callback” – We open to Karen (McPhee) in a (character-filled) pub in what appears to be a laid back tryout session at first. All of the brass is there, overseeing and apparently enjoying her cover performance... Read More »
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What’s on the Tube: Following NBC’s SMASH!!!

The entertainment world is a vast multi-genre platform of visual, audio and pictorial art. It can excite us, inspire us, teach us and even make us question the world around us. It is the one form of expression that... Read More »
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Rainn Wilson Talks about Potential ‘Office’ Spin-Off

The Office is one of NBC’s most celebrated comedies for the Network, but it’s not their oddball sense of humor that hooks viewers in every week. No, it’s the presence the cast infuses into their characters that reels viewership... Read More »

NBC’s “Awake” Gets Premiere Date!

While it’s a considerably slow day for entertainment news, I am happy to report that after months of unconfirmed hearsay and rumors, one of NBC’s most promising new shows is finally getting a release date! The NBC show “Awake”... Read More »