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Michael Rooker returns as Merle Dixon in The Walking Dead!

AMC’s The Walking Dead ranked in as one of the highest rated shows on network television last year, but what makes it such an appealing show? It’s not the zombie apocalypse devastating the world, or the action between the living dead and the survivors, nor is it about the horror element all together. What makes TWD so appealing is the human element, the will to see these variety of people from different backgrounds push on through life in a world turned upside down and somehow make it through it all.

Last season we were given a teaser of what’s to come next for Rick and his group, but more importantly, we were given a few hints at the introduction of a few interesting (Michonne), yet sinister (The Governor,) characters from the comic as well as the promise of the return of past characters including Merle Dixon (Played by Michael Rooker) brother of Daryl Dixon. . When last we saw Merle he was handcuffed to a poll on the roof top of a building in Atlanta with vengeances in his eyes for being left behind by Rick and the group. However if this still is any indication about Merle’s wellbeing, it’s that he alive and well and is itching for some payback.

The new season of The Walking Dead returns Sundays this fall on AMC.

Extra Tidbit: So do you think Merle’s reintroduction around the same time as The Governor coming into the picture merely a coincidence, or is there something much more sinister at play here?

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What’s on the Tube: The Walking Dead, S2, EP10 – “18 Miles Out”

[Editor’s Note: This review was written for Feb. 26th episode of The Walking Dead]Episode 10: “18 Miles Out” – In last Sunday’s episode, “18 Miles Out,” we began with the promise of action put forth by Lori as she set’s into motion an event that would turn her husband Rick against her former lover Shane by convincing Rick that he’s dangerous. This of course pumped viewers up for what would be the showdown of the season, pitting Sheriff against deputy. As the episode begins we find Rick and Shane driving with Randall, the man they rescued in town, tired up and in the trunk of their car driving him out as far as possible away from the farm before releasing him to fend for himself. But before reaching their designated location Rick decides to have a little heart to heart moment with Shane and confront him on his recent change in attitude and behavior, but more particularly wanting answer as to why Lori would feel he is dangerous to the group.

While the tension between the two was sharper than a finely sharpen blade, it certainly did not escalate into the rage filled fight we were hoping for, but rather played forth as a pregame show before the main event. However when it was revealed that Randall not only knew about the Greenes, but also the location of their farm, it forced Rick and Shane to contemplate a dangerous thought; what do with Randall? Kill him? Or don’t? It’s beyond obvious we know what side of the railroad tracks Shane is on with this one, but Rick of all seemed to be in a real battle within himself on this one. While Rick won’t condone the act of murder in cold blood, he can’t completely dismiss it either when the safety of his own family comes into play. I felt this interesting concept being introduced into the show was indeed perplexing, because it not only questions the morals of each person’s character, but also they’re humanity. This concept also left me questioning myself long past the episode was over. If placed in Rick’s possession and the people you loved and cared for were potentially in danger… there wouldn’t be many who would be quick to dismiss the notion of going above and beyond to protect those they care about, and this fact goes much further than human emotions, it’s animal instinct to protect what in your eyes, is rightfully yours.

Their actual throw down was good, but not great. It felt completely underwhelming to what we were teased in the previous episode with, though that’s not to say it wasn’t good. However, for those who’ve complained that this season was lacking in zombie action can stop right there and prepare to rejoice with glee as the episode gave us quite a zombie-filled show of affection in the form of lots and lots of zombies placing Shane, Rick and Randall in hot water, unarmed and out matched. Such a pulse pounding experience it was that also gave us a few fantastic kill scenes. And while their fight was a tad bit underwhelming in my opinion, I did however enjoy the fact Rick saved the day once again over Shane.

Meanwhile back at the farm, Lori has discovered that Beth has fallen into a deep state of depression and has attempted to take her own life. After notifying Maggie of Beth’s plans, we then find both Maggie and Beth in a shouting match over her suicide attempt. I won’t deny that both women both had valid arguments, and it should be someone’s right if they choose to opt-out from the current state of life; it’s the one thing about Andrea that I still cling to liking even though I loathe her character with a passion. However, with that being said, Beth is a kid, who still has a loving father and sister who loves her with all their heart, and for her to even contemplate suicide knowing all too well what kind of pain and suffering it’ll cause her family is downright selfish of her, she needs to think about her family’s needs before thinking of her own as they are doing the same for each other.

Now while this hubbub is going down, Lori and Andrea have words of their own; the discussion being their place among the group as women. Now I I’m no fan of Andrea, I’ve already made point of that, the love I had for her character died the moment she blamed Dale for her still being alive. However I am equally not as pleased with Lori, especially when she has decided that the women’s place in all this is in the kitchen preparing meals and washing cloths while the men protect them… what!?! Are you f****** kidding me? this was not only a low blow to herself as a woman and to women everywhere, but does she seriously think all the women of the group should just cover their eyes and pray they’ll always be protected by the men of the group? However despite my feeling to this moment Andrea could not grant me a moment to like her one bit as she did something completely irresponsible following this scene which thankfully came back to bite her in the ass. While Rick and Shane’s part in this episode is where all the action is, unfortunately the only action you’ll get out of the scenes at the farm are entirely verbal.

Though 18 Miles Out was good, there was certainly lots of room for improvement. I did have one major issue with this episode, Daryl was completely absent in the picture. Not even a mention of him was uttered which I thought was very disappointing seeing that he’s one of the most popular characters in the show, he’s certainly one of my favorites that’s for sure.

KILL OF THE WEEK: This week’s kill of the week goes to Rick for taking out a walker by shooting it in the head through the mouth of a second walker. The whole scene reminded me of Gimli taking out a Warg that collapsed on him, the killing it’s Orc rider on top of that one right after in “The Two Towers”.

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A Sneak Peek of THE WALKING DEAD Episode 212: “Better Angels”

Can’t get enough of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD? Well here’s a sneak peek at Episode 212 “Better Angels” airing Sunday, March 4th at 9/8c on AMC.

Rick and the survivors are gearing up for something big. Find out what the group is making preparations for in this sneak peak from episode 212. Watch the full episode Sunday, March 11 at 9/10c. Only on AMC.

A Sneak Peek At THE WALKING DEAD Episode 211 “Judge, Jury, Executioner”

Can’t get enough of AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD? Well here’s a sneak peek at Episode 211 “Judge, Jury, Executioner” airing Sunday, March 4th at 9/8c on AMC.

“Let’s talk about this like men.” Dale confronts Shane about Randall’s fate in this sneak peek. Watch the full episode Sunday, March 4 at 9/10c. Only on AMC.

What’s on the Tube: The Walking Dead, S2, EP9 – “Triggerfinger”

[Editor’s Note: This review was written for Feb. 19th’s episode of The Walking Dead]

Episode 9: “Triggerfinger” – Last week’s episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead was a real nail biter. Picking up where we left off last time; After losing control and flipping her car, Lori is lying unconscious inside the wreck, surrounded by walkers trying to break in. Meanwhile; Rick, Glenn and Hershel are held up in the bar in town  when a group of men show up looking for their now deceased buddies following the shootout in the bar just moments earlier. Tensions are higher than they’ve been in a while and things are about to get loud and fast very soon. Rick is hoping to avoid further bloodshed and turns to reason with the men. But after discovering their partners are lying dead by the hands on Rick, they arent intersted in reason and only want one thing; an eye for an eye. Back at the wreck, Lori comes to and quickly discovers she’s in a real pickle as one of the walkers have broken through the windshield and is only within inches of her. After a moment of panic and some quick action on her part, Lori is able to subdue the walker with a screwdriver to the face. Once out of the vehicle she takes down a second walker.

While this is going on, Shane realizes Lori’s absence and asks everyone of her whereabouts, but when no one can recall the last time she was seen, Daryl reveals that she asked him to go into town to help Rick but refused and told her to go herself. This leads Shane to go out looking for her, after finding her on the side of the road walking he try’s to convince her to return to the farm with him. However he soon learns she won’t return back to the farm with him until she finds Rick. This leads Shane to flat out lie to her about Rick and Glenn already returning with Hershel. His lie later backfires right in his face (which I took great pleasure in) when they return and she discovers Rick has not returned… I’d like to think that it’s here, in this very moment, the seeds Dale planted when he confided in Lori his theory about Shane, and what he believes really happened to Otis, finally blossomed. You can see it in her expression, the look of upset and utter discontent, but more importantly; the loss of trust. I believe Shane had this coming for a while now, all things considering what’s happened last season and all of this season. As Dale put it best; “This world, what it is now, this is where you [Shane] belong. And I may not have what it takes to last for long, but that’s okay. ‘Cause at least I can say when the world goes to shit, I didn’t let it take me down with it.” Shane has darkness in him brewing and there’s no bounds to what level he’ll stoop to, if it means it’ll benefit his own interests… we’ve all seen how far he’s already gone. Now the real question is will he attempt to take the next step in betraying his friend and partner Rick?

Now with that being said, Lori is no angle either. One could argue that while Shane is a threat to the group, Lori can prove to be an even bigger threat. Have we not forgotten how she went running into the arms of Shane before Rick’s body was thought to have been cold? Lori is a survivalist, and as a survivalist she will do what is necessary to protect her children and herself, this makes her no different than Shane to say the least. The only difference between them in that respect is she’s able to adapt. Andrea continues to annoy me, especially in this episode where she not only agrees with Shane wholeheartedly, but she’s apparently playing the role of influencer to his crazed insane antics… the love I once had for her character is now dead and gone, she doesn’t deserve the care and worry Dale has for her,  how he’s always looking out for her best interests despite how much she hurts him.

I was a little disappointed with Glenn in this episode. I understand he doesn’t want to be selfish and think of his own needs and Survival when the mess hits the fan and freeze up, I understand that and it’s quite noble of him, but Maggie poured her heart out to him and said she loved him, and he couldn’t have said it back? Is it that hard to just accept what little good there is left in the world? Even Rick told him he should cherish these rare moments life throws our way, especially in a zombie apocalyptic turned world… I’m sorry, I’m still a big fan of Glenn and maybe it’s just me wanting to see their relationship blossom into something much more then friends with benefits, but that is the definition of being selfish in my book. I’m glad Hershel has finally come to his senses and now agrees that his wife and the folks locked in the barn were in fact dead. I really didn’t want him turning into one of those southern clichés so many films dealing with the south likes to go with. Also, he won me over when he told Shane off. At that very moment, I literally wanted to shout out “You the man, Hershel!”

Carol’s attempt to bring Daryl out of the dark place he’s in was truly one of the most memorable moments of this whole episode. The tension was high between them and you couldn’t help but feel both their pain. Whether or not Daryl agrees with it, he and Carol share a bond, a sort of kinship that no other member of the group has, and you could see it in his eyes that he truly was remorseful for the things he said to her. Showing up to the house at the end was proof of that. The closing scene of last week’s episode has left some questions as to what will happen next for the group: What will become of them at the farm? What will Shane and Andrea have in store for the captive outsider? And more importantly, what will happen when Rick and Shane have their confrontation?

Kill Of The Week: This week’s KOTW goes to Lori killing a walking with a screwdriver

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What’s on the Tube: The Walking Dead, S2, EP8 – “Nebraska”

[Editor’s Note: This review was written for Feb. 12th episode of The Walking Dead]

Episode 8: “Nebraska” – Last Sunday, while most of us were busy watching the 54th Grammy Awards, the rest of us were tuning in to the long awaited mid-season return of AMC’s ‘The Walking Dead’. And oh my, did it return with an epic bang! When we last left off; the whole group was divided into multiple search parties looking for little Sophia, only to discover her tragic fate, and her surprising location. Picking up only moments after discovering the tragic fate of poor little Sophia, the group has been deeply demoralized by this shocking revelation that she’s been within reach of them all along.

Over the course of the first half of season 2 Shane began revealing his true nature to us, his actions to leave Otis to die made it perfectly clear what kind of man he was and how far he’s willing to go for selfish needs. The mid-season return continues with that momentum as Shane continues to question Rick’s decisions at every turn. Meanwhile Rick has become unsure of himself as being the one to lead following the events of last fall’s mid-season finale. I personally feel Rick proved to be more of a leader than anyone else after having the guts to step up and be the only one who was willing to do what was needed to be done, even though it went completely against what he wanted. In that defining moment Rick displayed not only true leadership, but also compassion. He didn’t want to do it (no sensible human being would want to truth be told,) but he did it anyway because no one else was going to. Such action takes more than guts, it takes a certain kind of bravery very few have within them, and even then the act alone will still cost you a heavy price; a piece of what makes you, you. And Rick knew that and still went ahead with doing without hesitation. But now adding on to the fact he’s failed Carol in protecting and returning Sophia back to her unharmed he’s more stressed than ever, adding into the fact he’s trying to deal with the stress of almost losing his son and his wife’s pregnancy (to which we’re still unclear of who the father is.)

My least two favorite characters on the show thus far is easily becoming T-Dog and Andrea, whom have clearly aligned themselves with Shane in this episode after siding with his decision of unlocking the barn as being “justified” for the sake of their survival. This both angered me and left me feeling disappointed, especially with T-Dog, because I really liked his character in the first season and for the first half of the second. But now I’m starting to lose some of that fondness for him character, and in my opinion, he’s starting to become an annoyance. I’ve gone from loving Andrea to feeling bad for her to undeniably hating her guts (Shooting Daryl was the final straw for Me.) it seems she’s making all the wrong decisions and deliberately burning the bridges between herself and those who truly care about her, like Dale for exempla; he’s been like a father figure to her and her sister since the first time the show introduced the whole group in season 1. Hell, he was willing to die with her in the CDC lab in the season 1 finale for crying out loud. If that isn’t unconditional love I honestly don’t know what is then. But she just keeps pushing him away like he was nothing to her, and it only pisses me off every time she does this to Dale.

Dale however is heading down a different path of exposing Shane’s true nature as he is rightfully convinced what really happened to Otis. Dale more so than anyone else is cautious about Shane because he knows what kind of monster Shane is deep down inside and this might put him in harm’s way further down the road with Shane. I can’t be certain just yet, but I have a feeling before this season is done one of them will have the other in a compromising situation that may prove fatal.

Carl seems to be taking Sophia’s fate pretty well all things considering, though Lori seems to be disturbed by this notion because Carl’s attitude about the whole situation seems to display a sense of emptiness for a child his age. In this rare occasion I can’t help but agree with her on this, if Carl is lacking the emotion a child his age should over death, what will this do to him in later years, how will this affect him?

Carol is clearly in shock over discovering her daughter’s unfortunate fate; she’s lost her abusive husband and now her only child, in short she’s lost her entire family since the start of the zombie apocalypse and you can’t help but feel for her, I’m not sure where this will take her in the show now that she has nothing to live for, but I cannot help but wonder if Daryl will play some part in her own salvation. This brings me to Daryl. He above everyone seems to be in a really dark place following the events of Sophia’s discovery. It seems prior to the events that followed, he was really starting to open up. More importantly, he was starting to feel accepted among the group, but now it seems all that was destroyed the moment that barn door swung open. Now more than ever he is alone, will he stay with the group? Will he return hunting for his good for nothing brother Merle?

KILL OF THE WEEK: this week’s kill of the week no doubt goes to Rick in the standoff scene with Glenn and Hershel in the bar scene facing off against the two strangers. Everyone was pumped up on adrenalin and you could cut the tension with a knife. The quick drew was breath taking to say the least.

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