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Casting Call for New Indie Horror “The Hazed”

One of the worst things about joining a fraternity or sorority is the hazing that comes with the territory of pledging. Yeah it’s commonly known that hazing is highly unethical then alone illegal in today’s age, but just because something is deemed wrong doesn’t mean it stopped. But what if some took hazing to a whole new level of humiliation? What if some elevated it to a whole new level of horrors? From the creators of Echo Lake and Sick Flick Productions comes “The Hazed” a psychological thriller that explores the unforgiving and vindictive nature of sorority life. Once you’re in you’re in for life, and the only way to leave this sorority is through death!

The Hazed is set to begin filmming summer 2012 in the Chicago area. The film is written and produced and will also star Jonathan Moody and Kelsey Zukowski. The Hazed will also be Kelsey Zukowski’s directorial debut! Currently they doing a full casting call for both male and female actors and of various age brackets that range from age groups of 20’s, 30’s and 40’s. scroll down to read the synopsis and to get a full detail of the roles up for casting. And when you’re done be sure to drop by the official Hazed Facebook Page and click “Like” to keep up to date on all things regarding the project.

Synopsis: When Kate tries to pledge a sorority, she learns that a mistake from years ago is still haunting her. The sorority sisters are completely unforgiving, deciding to have their fun with Kate by torturing her and the other girls to no ends. Kate is determined not to let her win. She has her friends, Tyler and Hailey by her side to help her stay strong. The deeper Kate gets in though the more she realizes that these are not your typical hazing pranks. There is something much darker that lies within these girls, setting up a brutal cycle of jealousy, revenge, and a very twisted perception of reality.

The Hazed Character Breakdown

Kate: Female (18-25). Independent, determined, and spunky. Kate has always been an outsider, but isn’t going to let that get in the way of what she wants. She made a mistake years ago that Melissa isn’t willing to let her forget. Kate refuses to be a weak person though and is ready to take everything she throws her way. Role requires nudity, limited or implied is negotiable.

Melissa: Female (18-25). The head sorority sister. She loves being in charge and is used to everything going her way, blaming her problems on others when they do arise. She’s unforgiving and has a very dark nature, far beyond the bitchy façade that lies on the outside. Role requires nudity, limited or implied is negotiable.

Courtney: Female (18-25). One of Melissa’s best friend’s, runs the sorority house under her. She sticks by Melissa no matter how merciless the hazing becomes.

Kelly: Female (18-25). Melissa and Courtney’s other best friend. She is loyal to her sisters and is determined to get vengeance on Kate for Melissa’s sake.

Jenna: Female (18-25). The only reasonable sorority sister. She isn’t out to humiliate and torment the pledges and isn’t interested in getting revenge on Kate. She goes along with it to an extent, but she wants to just get through this year more than anything. She’s far more concerned with school and her long distance boyfriend who she hopes to be with when she goes to graduate school next year.

Brittany: Female (18-25). As she gets deeper in to the sorority and sees the consequence of Melissa’s jealousy her enthusiasm for the sorority quickly falls. She has a lot to deal with, but refuses to let Melissa and the other sisters run all over her. Limited clothing is required.

Lexy: Female (18-25). Almost connected at the hip to Anna. Both of the girls put all of their energy and hopes in to getting in to the sorority. They have more shallow reasons than the other girls. No matter how twisted things get the price is never too high to get what they want. Limited clothing is required.

Anna: Female (18-25). Lexy’s best friend. It quickly becomes them against the other girls. They intend to do whatever they can to get in to the sorority even when things turn morbid. It’s shocking to them at first, but they put their better judgment aside when their own desires blind them. Limited clothing is required.

Brad: Male (18-25). Head of one of the school’s fraternity’s. He treats woman horribly, especially his girlfriend, Melissa. He has been cheating on her for years and really has no qualms or guilt about it. He comes from a wealthy family in the same social circle as Melissa’s; part of the reason their parents want them to be together. Nudity is required.

Chase: Male (18-25). Sexist and objectifies woman. He’s Brad’s best friend and one of the brothers, but cannot stand Melissa. He’s a good friend to him regardless. Chase is one of the only people to really reject Melissa and show his interest elsewhere.

Chris: Male (18-25). School football star and one of Chase and Brad’s brothers. He’s crude and violent towards others.

Jennifer: Female (22-35) Jack’s wife. She loves her husband, but is going through a very hard time in her life. She hasn’t really been happy in a long time and acts on this unhappiness. She desperately wants to put that all behind them and learn to be happy with Jack again.

Jack: Male (25-40) Jennifer’s husband. She’s broken his heart and he can never be the same again. We begin to see him breaking before us, unable to hold on any longer.

Bryan: Male (20-30) Jenna’s long distance boyfriend. He is very caring and sincere, doing everything he can to try to be there for her. He tries to keep her rational and focused amongst all of the mayhem that ensues in the house.

Dr. Lucas: Male or Female (Min. age 25, but could preferably middle aged). The psychiatrist who tries to piece everything together in the aftermath. (S)he is desperate to reach his/her patient so they can accept what they’ve done and have hope for recovery so nothing like this ever happens again.

Lauren: Female (20-30). Kate’s Resident Advisor. Once she realizes Kate is going through something serious she steps in.

Delivery Man: Male. (Min. age 20, but preferably middle aged) Once he’s in the house he lets his curiosity and imagination get the best of him. He never would have expected what lies within this house.

Waitress: (Min. 18, but can be any age). Waitress at a steak/seafood restaurant that serves Hailey and Tyler.

Please email the character or characters you are interested in auditioning for to they are accepting video auditions for desired roles. Filming is set for summer 2012.

True Blood Gets New Blood Next Season!

If you’ve ever heard the phrase Fangbanger or have the overwhelming urge to say “You are mine” in a deep seductive southern accent, then it’s most likely you’re a fan of author Charlaine Harris’ The Southern Vampire Mysteries AKA The Sookie Stackhouse Novels AKA True Blood (wow that a lot of AKA’s.) and most likely an even bigger fan of the hit HBO series. With that being said, one could argue that True Blood played a huge part to the recent successes of vampire lore being a popular topic in all forms of media today. And with the series being at an all-time high in ratings and popularity what could possibly make the show even more interesting? Well how about some new faces added to the cast for the next season? Yep that’s right, Deadline reports that two new actors have been cast for the 5th season of True Blood. At the moment the creators have been mum on anything regarding the production of next season including what direction the general plot will be taking next year. However, with that being said, Deadline acquired an expulsive regarding the two new additions to the cast. Actress Kelly Overton and actor Louis Herthum will be joining the cast next year with each getting a 6 to 7 episode story arc next season.

Overton, will play a dirty, beautiful werewolf named Rikki who demands to know what’s become of the pack leader.
Herthum, will play a particularly large Marine-type werewolf who refuses to bow down before the new pack leader.

Meanwhile there is still no official word by the creators or not if season 5 will in fact be the shows last season or not. As hinted by the creators early this year, there have been some hints at the possibility that season 5th may or may not be the last season for the hit HBO show. For now Trubies will just have to wait it out until official word on the subject does come down the wire, If and when word does arise you can bet we will report it.

Side Tidbit: I’m probably going to get some heat from this but I honestly don’t care, if you think Twilight is what Vampires are, then you know nothing about vampires and don’t deserve to call yourself a fan of the lore.

Dexter Gets Renewed for 2 More Seasons!

We at The Critic’s Word are rather huge fans and supporters of Showtime’s Dexter and have been watching the show’s production quite closely throughout the years. And despite the show reaching a record breaking high in ratings for the network, the show has suffered some pretty big controversies as of recent that has, dare I say it, jeopardized the show’s stability. First there was news of the show’s star, actor Michael C. Hall undergoing treatment for a treatable form of Hodgkin’s lymphoma which had fans wondering if he would pull through. Then there announcement that his wife and co-star, Jennifer Carpenter filed for divorce from Hall. Once again fans wondered if the two would be able to their differences aside to continue working together. But the biggest hit for the show was during the summer when it was announced that Hall was at odds with the network over a contract dispute. Word on the street was that Showtime wanted to lock Hall in for at least two more seasons of Dexter for 20 million (10 million per season) but Hall’s camp wanted 12 mill per season (24 million for 2 seasons in total). This little hiccup put the future of the show in jeopardy as there seemed to be no nudge by either side’s camp.

However, it seems that America’s favorite serial killer has proven to have nine lives after all as Showtime has decided to lock Hall in for at least two more seasons granting him a pay raise of 12 million per season and 24 million in total. David Nevins, president of entertainment at Showtime. Had this to say about the decision to keep Dexter around a bit longer.

“Dexter’s enormous success is a real tribute to the great achievements of its cast, producers, and the powerhouse performance of Michael C. Hall,” Nevins then went on to say “The series is bigger than it’s ever been in its sixth season, both in terms of audience and its impact on the cultural landscape. Together with Michael, the creative team on the show has a very clear sense of where they intend to take the show over the next two seasons and, as a huge fan, I’m excited to watch the story of Dexter Morgan play out.”

Well then, I guess this means Dex is here to stay for the time being, the only question remains now is if the creators can pull off ending the show on a high note, and where will the next two seasons take our favorite serial killer.

Side Tidbit: I know I’ve probably said this before, but I cannot foresee this show ending on a positive note for Dexter Morgan.

Tragic Loss of Two Extraordinary Actors Over 9/11 Anniversary Weekend!

If things weren’t already feeling depressing with the 10th anniversary of 9/11, the day of the anniversary suffered yet another great tragedy to mark this particular date in the entertainment world. British actor and “Spartacus” star Andy Whitfield past away at the age of 39, on Sunday September 11th 2011. Whitfield was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in May 2010 and was undergoing treatment in New Zealand. During the 2010 Comic-Con he told Zap2It in a interview that he was feeling “better than ever” and hoped to return for the second season of Starz‘s hit show. But unfortunately the cancer had gotten the better of him, as he was forced to take an indefinite leave of absence in September of that year. Many had still hoped for a speedy recovery for him, but it was with great sadness that he had lost the battle. Whitfield’s wife Vashti said in a statement issued to The Associated Press. “He passed peacefully surrounded by love. Thank you to all his fans whose love and support have help carry him to this point. He will be remembered as the inspiring, courageous and gentle man, father and husband he was.” On the official Gabriel (2007) Facebook page an official statement was released by the production “The entire Gabriel family and community are deeply saddened at our loss of Andy Whitfield. We thank you for all your support over these past few years and know he was grateful for it also. There will never be another like him…”

…and if that news wasn’t depressing enough, Hollywood suffered the lost of another legend earlier in the week. Veteran actor and Academy Award-winner Cliff Robertson passed away of natural causes on Saturday September 10th. at Stony Brook University Medical Center on New York’s Long Island, a day after his 88th birthday. Robertson is famously known for such roles as portraying President John F. Kennedy in the 1963 WWII film “PT 109” and for his portrayal of a mentally disabled man in “Charly” in which he won an Oscar for. Robertson never quite achieved reaching the top dog level in Hollywood like some of the other notable stars of his generation, but never once faded from the public eye even the 21st century. According to Evelyn Christel, his personal secretary of over 50 years, said that he died of natural causes. For modern moviegoers Robertson will be remembered as the kind hearted Uncle Ben in the Sony Pictures’ box-office hit Spider-Man films directed by Sam Raimi. Spider-Man 3 is noted down as his last official film appearance.

Concept Art of Pinhead And Other Cenobites For “Hellraiser” Remake!‎

Not long ago, I posted an article about the horrifyingly awful Hellraiser sequel; Hellraiser: Revelations, which was visually hell to say the least (and believe me it was not a complement on the film). Long story short, I wouldn’t dare recommend it to anyone, including my own enemies… period. Well I’m not here today to talk about that blasphemous piece of garbage, but rather something else that’s more or less in relation to it, so to speak. As you know, the powers that be in Hollywood is relentlessly determined to remake, reboot and or re-imagine every bit of film property that they can get their money grubbing hands on,. So it was only a matter of time before they’d eventually make their rounds to the Hellraiser franchise. And believe me, after Revelations, I don’t think there is a single fan on planet earth that wouldn’t welcome a do-over on the franchise at this point.

So if you’re eagerly awaiting the new remake as I am, then get ready to become all giddy with glee as Shock Till You Drop has acquired exclusive concept art of what the new Pinhead might look like! “Conceptual designs that were created for Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer’s Hellraiser remake. These were created by FX vet Gary J. Tunnicliffe of Two Hours in the Dark. As you can see, they maintained some similarity to the original Pinhead design, but encased it in a rather phallic collar. He was going to be joined by another male Cenobite known as “Skinner” and a female Cenobite.” Check it out below and afterwards go HERE to see two new Cenobite concepts:

On a sad note however, it was reported earlier this week across the interweb that the status of the remake moving forward has lost some steam in it’s progress. Apparently “Drive Angry” helmer Todd Farmer and Patrick Lussier were attached to the remake, but during the attending of the Los Angeles signing event for “Still Screaming” the due apparently said it was unlikely to happen with them. In a interview with horror website Bloody Disgusting Todd Farmer went on record when asked if they were still involved.

“I don’t think so. We developed several versions for Dimension, but in the end we never saw eye to eye creatively. We wish them the best and look forward to seeing what they come up with. We expected when we came back from ‘Drive Angry’ that we would jump on ‘Halloween 3D’. But they wanted to do ‘Hellraiser’ first, and we were sort of intrigued by the idea. We’ve done probably three different outlines at this point; we haven’t gone to script yet.” you can read the interview in it’s entirety HERE

Side Tidbit: It’s rumored that Revelations was made specifically as a last ditch effort to maintain the rights to the franchise a bit longer while the studios work a bit harder on properly develop the remake, but only time will if there’s any truth to that, but if that is the case then they better make the wait worth it. For now no dice on the remake.