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James Tucker and Kelsey Zukowski Terrify Us In “Within These Walls”

By Michael Goth During the late 1960’s and early 1970’s three low budget horror films redefined the horror genre. The films were George A. Romero’s Night of the Living Dead (1968), Wes Craven’s The Last House on the Left... Read More »

Then and Now: Jennifer Jason Leigh

Then and Now: An in depth look at the career of actress Jennifer Jason Leigh. By Michael Goth Jennifer Jason Leigh is the greatest actress of her generation. 31 years ago at the age of 20 the estranged daughter... Read More »
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Trapped “Within These Walls” with James Tucker and Kelsey Zukowski!

Of all the monsters, creatures, Demons, serial killers, Zombies, and Vampires etc. Nothing has ever been quit so terrifying as spirits, in my opinion. Why is that you might ask? Well why not? Most of us easily forget that... Read More »

‘Hand of Glory’ writer/director unveils ‘Slay Utterly’

Chicago, Ill. – Nearly 100 years to the day eight unsolved ax murders were perpetrated in Villisca, Iowa, director Stuart Wahlin announced his next feature film project, Slay Utterly, which is inspired by the gruesome events in the nation’s... Read More »
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Bublenutz Productions Presents: Welcome To Dreadville!

The indie genre has always proven to be a true enervator of film, and going places mainstream often cannot. The indie underground manages to capture a side of film that the mainstream industry is unable to capture, sometimes because it’s “Taboo,” or pushing... Read More »
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Big News For Indie In The Windy City!

Hey folks, it’s The Critic’s Word Editor in Chief, Clifford Kiyabu (aka The Master) here with some really big news for you coming at us right from the heart of the indie scene. Our good friends over at Filming... Read More »
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Ten reasons why YOU should make a film

As a TCW reader, there’s a good chance you have a true love for cinema. If you’re anything like me, you love DVD special features because they afford an inside look at the process of making any given film.... Read More »
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The Social Media Massacre Filmmaker Plans Big Announcement!

Last year, indie horror fans were treated to the release of “The Social Media Massacre” a web-series brought to us by rising indie filmmaker Ron Purtee and his production company, They Call Me Ron Productions. His series saw the... Read More »
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FatHead Films Co-owner Announces Formation of New Film Company

FatHead Films co-owner Justin R. Romine has announced the formation of a new film company, Sweet Berry Wine Productions. Romine, the director of the controversial independent films What They Say (Best Actress Heather Dorff, 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival)... Read More »
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‘Hand of Glory’ Director Responds to Threat of Picketing Premiere

Jan. 25, 2012 – Stuart Wahlin, writer and director of upcoming thriller Hand of Glory, responded today to what he described as a “veiled threat from anonymous cowards” who allegedly plan to picket the film’s March premiere at the... Read More »
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