Book Review: Succubus Revealed

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Succubus Revealed (Georgina Kincaid #6)  by Richelle Mead
Published: August 30, 2011 by Kensington
Genre: Adult/Urban Fantasy/Paranormal Romance
Reviewed By: Nicole Raines
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plot: In the final installment of the “Georgiana Kincaid” series, everything seems to be going right for our favorite succubus. Then the unexpected happens: Georgiana’s demon bosses are transferring her to Las Vegas, where they expect her to carry out her succubus duties, away from Seattle and the love of her life, Seth Mortenson. But once she gets there, she realizes the move might not be so bad. In fact, things seem too good to be true in Sin City. Georgiana’s friends are convinced that Hell, who holds a contract on her soul, wants her away from her life in Seattle and have created the perfect scheme to keep her in Vagas …but why would Hell go to so much trouble to keep Georgiana away from Seattle and more importantly, Seth? Georgiana and her friends set out to uncover the life changing truth that Hell doesnt want her to know

My Thoughts: There’s really not a whole lot to be said about the final installment in Georgiana’s tale. The book opens with Georgiana working at the mall as one of Santa’s elves. I really miss her old day job at the book store. That was one of my favorite parts of the previous books, so I guess I was hoping that we might find her back at Emerald City one last time. Since she’s having no luck at finding a decent day job in Seattle, the surprise transfer to Vegas proves to even more enticing. Especially since, when she gets there, she discovers a dream job awaiting. Of course, this is all part of Hells plan to make leaving Seattle (and Seth) that much more easy. If you have read any of the previous books, you can pretty much guess why Hell wants Georgiana far away from Seth, which is why the plot of Succubus Revealed wasn’t that exciting.

My favorite part of the entire series has been the secondary characters and this time we were introduced to Seth’s, anti-establishment, younger brother Ian. He was one of the most amusing characters and it’s a pity he wasnt introduced earlier in the series. Saying good-bye to Carter (an Angel) and Roman (a nephilim) was bittersweet. Both of them proved to be the most intriguing characters throughout the entire series. Without spoiling too much, lets just say that Roman’s role in Georgiana’s happiness was almost too heartbreaking to read. His character came such a long way since the beginning of the series. There’s a part of me that will always be Team Roman.

The ending was satisfactory, but  as much as I have loved spending time with Georgina, Seth, Carter and the rest of the characters, I feel like saying goodbye was way past due. I’m not sure if Richelle Mead always planned to go to six books in the series or if it was part of her contract, but the last few books have felt very stretched out. There wasnt any revelations that I didnt already see coming, so basically it was just waiting and “watching” for her and the others to finally figure out what I had already guessed about the contract on Georgiana’s soul and its link to Seth. I really love Mead as a writer, but I think it was a mistake on her part to throw in so many clues in previous books to where the conclusion was going. Books are always best when there’s mystery and this one lacked it big time.

Even though Succubus Revealed proved to be a little underwhelming, the ending still leaves me satisfied as a fan of Georgina and her friends. 3 stars might be a little generous for this plot alone, but the characters werent any less awesome than they have always been, so that kept me liking the overall story. I thoroughly enjoyed the series as a whole and there’s a part of me that will miss reading about my favorite succubus. I would recommend this book only after reading the previous books in the series, because it cant be appreciated without.


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