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Dragons and Science (Dragon Tales & Stories #3) by Drew Henriksen
June 15, 2011 by ArcheBooks Publishing
Genre: Fiction/Fantasy
Reviewed By: Nicole Raines
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Plot: Dr. Ann Vroom is enjoying her life as a professor and scientific researcher at Palindrome, until government officials begin following her to and from work. Could it have to do with the top secret project that her best friend and fellow scientist, Dee Burns, has her working on? And why are her students acting so odd? Vroom begins to wonder whats really going on in the lab at Palindrome and will soon discover that everybody in her life arent quite what they seem, as sinister plots are revealed and surprising revelations are made.

My ThoughtsDragons and Science is the third and final book in the Dragon Tales and Stories trilogy by Drew Henriksen. The book serves as both a prequel and conclusion to the fascinating world of dragons and wolves. So much happened within the pages that’s it’s hard to review it without giving too much away. Too many spoilers will ruin the experience of reading it for yourself, so I’ll try my best to avoid anything major.

As the story opens, we are introduced to the main protagonist Dr. Vee Vroom, a professor and scientific researcher at Palindrome. It was easy for me to take an immediate liking to her character, as she was written as both intelligent and witty and I always appreciate a strong female character in a series. We are also introduced to a few of her students and her best friend, Dr. Ann Burns, who is working on a top secret project that involves animal testing on monkeys. Although Vee is part of the ongoing project, she never suspects the true intentions that her best friend has in store or what the project is really about, that is until she and her students start being followed by government agents everywhere they go.

As a huge animal lover, I was a bit mortified by all the animal testing going on. I was especially worried about the fate of the main monkey, Melissa, throughout the book! During the beginning of the story, I found it to be the most distressing part to read about, but as things began to turn sinister in the lab, my worry turned to intrigue as one of the monkeys infects, Elias, a worker at Palindrome. He seems to develop a taste for human flesh towards those he encounters, except for Dr. Ann Burns, who he seems to revere, in a somewhat creepy fashion. The government seems to know what’s going on in Dr. Burns lab, but it soon becomes clear that they’re not there to stop her. Vee realizes its going to be up to her to get to the bottom of the truth and with the help of unexpected family members, and a rogue agent at her side, she sets out to stop her best friend before she destroys all humanity and the world as they know it. How Vee and Ann were ever friends is beyond my comprehension, because I found Ann to be an uppity person, with a inflated ego. It’s hard to believe that she was ever nice.

Vee isn’t the only one who is shocked to discover lost family members and the true identities of her friends. As Vee’s true identity becomes clear to me, I was pleasantly surprised by the unexpected revelation of who she really was! Without giving too much away, her character is one I was fond of in a previous book and I was happy to see that her career choice is linked to her earlier curiosity of animal anatomy, so to speak. Also, Vee isn’t the only character linked to a previous book! As I stated earlier, Dragons and Science serves as both a prequel and sequel to the previous two. A whole slew of other character identities are revealed as the story progresses. All unexpected and brilliantly crafted as all three books come together perfectly, with no question being left unanswered. I even got answers to questions I never even thought of! Elias and his devotion to Dr. Burns is one example. I never imagined that either character could be linked back to the first book, but both are in a very clever way. One of the biggest questions that I was left with in Dragons and Wolves was the identity of the Professor. His true identity is finally revealed towards the end of Dragons and Science. The simple fact that Henriksen was able to tie in his character to all the books without me being none the wiser was very clever on his part. There’s several other characters and tie ins that the readers will just have to discover for themselves, so expect a lot of twists!

I will say that the story ends  in a totally different setting than it begins. I was really happy by how the book concluded, which includes an epic battle between two dragons. Getting to revisit certain characters and settings was a real unexpected treat. Also, there’s so much that goes on within the plot, that I forget to mention the introduction of new magical creatures. While the first two books introduced us to dragons, wolves, and witches, the third introduces us to Gargoyles! Powerful creatures that are the offspring of dragons and warlocks. I’ve never read much about gargoyles, other than that they are stone statues, but I really enjoyed the mythology that Henriksen created for them.

Overall, I really enjoyed the third book and the trilogy as a whole. I have no complaints with Dragons and Science whatsoever. It concluded nicely and answered all my questions that the previous two books left me with. I also once again enjoyed the illustrations that were included. They were done by Rob Granito and I particularly liked the illustration of the two dragons battling. There’s a lot that I didnt get to touch upon for fear of spoiling too much, but if you read the first two books, this one will be a must read. Drew Henriksen did a wonderful job at creating a world of fantasy and mystery that’s totally different than anything I’ve ever read before and I found it highly enjoyable.


Sidenote: This has nothing to do with the review in particular, but I just have to give kudos to the author for the Dukes of Hazzard reference within the book. I’m a huge fan of the series and found that really cool.

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