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Bad-Milo-PosterBAD MILO! (2013)

(Warning! This review might contain spoilers. So stop reading if you don’t want plot points spoiled. Peace out).

When I first heard of this movie a long while ago it was simply called, Milo, and was being touted as a movie about some guy with stomach problems who finds he has a demon living in his colon. Poster art showed a claw and part of a face. I was intrigued. I don’t think we have ever had a movie in existence about a demon living in someone’s ass.

As time progressed the title was altered to Bad Milo! and the eventual trailer that was released reminded me of an episode from that 1988s TV show, Monsters. This was good because I loved that show.

I passionately sought out a review copy and was mildly disappointed. In a way it hit all the right spots, especially in the FX department. Milo is a 100% practical effect and the gore he metes out to the people that deserve it is appropriately bloody. The cast is perfect, but for some reason, with such an absurd concept, I expected a movie with more gross out laughs, something like the John Gulager’s Feast trilogy but it’s a fairly serious movie for something about an “ ass demon.”
The plot goes like this. Accountant, Duncan (Ken Marino) suffers a lot of daily stress. He has a boss played by Patrick Warburton, who’s an A #1 douchebag who ends up embezzling the company’s money, putting Duncan right in the middle. Duncan’s mother (Mary Kay Place) has married a much younger man (Kumail Nanjiani), and his wife (Gillian Jacobs) wants kids, which he doesn’t want at the moment. All this stress gives him rampant gastrointestinal problems (aka explosive diarrhea) on a regular basis.

One night, a new employee he’s been saddled with in his new office (aka the men’s room) accidentally deletes some files he’s been working on for a year. Such stress sends him to the toilet where he passes out taking his routine shit and Milo emerges. Milo takes off and kills the guy and then slips back into Duncan’s ass.

There are definite shades of Forbidden Planet (1956) where Milo represents Duncan’s subconscious and what he’d really like to do to some of these people in his life. Rabid raccoon attacks are blamed for the mysterious mounting deaths by the way, well, that is, until he deliberately sets Milo loose on his boss in the elevator, then there is some question of them being done by a serial killer.

A hypnotherapist (Peter Stormare) Duncan agrees to see plays our sage in the movie explaining how the anus has a legend connected to it. This, of course, comes after Duncan gets hypnotized and inadvertently releases Milo in the office. Stormare insists he bond with the creature and that killing it is out of the question. It’s a part of him and to kill it would be like giving himself a lobotomy.

Speaking of lobotomies Duncan makes a breakthrough and realizes he has father issues. We eventually learn his father (Stephen Root) has an ass demon of his own and things don’t end well on that front at all.

This flick also reminded me of Brain Damage (1988) and there’s even a moment that mirrors a section of that movie when Duncan decides to take off and spend some time in a hotel room trying to bond with Milo. In Damage the kid takes off and holes up in this seedy motel where he tries to go cold turkey from Aylmer.

As with pretty much all genre movies nowadays Bad Milo! ends with the possibility of a sequel.

I wanted to like this movie and I do but just not enough for repeated viewings.

Bad Milo! hits DVD and Blu-ray separately courtesy of Magnolia’s genre sub-label Magnet Releasing with a very nice looking 1.85:1 anamorphic 1080p high definition transfer with an English 5.1 DTS-HD Master Audio track which was just as good. (Subtitles: English, Spanish and French).

As for extras you get a commentary with Ken Marino, Gillian Jacobs, Director Jacob Vaughn and Writer Benjamin Hayes. It was interesting to find out that David Cronenberg’s early films was what inspired this movie, specifically The Brood (1979), and that the creature was initially called Bruno.

Other features include:

Extended Outtakes (7:40): Bloopers, basically.

Extended Dinner Scene (7:01): The uncut dinner scene, which I think is better in this version.

Deleted Scene: Veterinarian (1:20): A cut scene that’s discussed in the commentary showing Gillian Jacobs was a veterinarian and Ken Marino was picking her up at work. He finds her delivering a baby pig in one of the operating rooms.

Behind Milo: The Puppeteers! (1:33): The scene where it’s revealed that Stephen Root, playing Ken’s father, has an ass demon of his own, and his and Ken’s have a fight to the death. Here you get to see the puppeteers working the creatures before they were edited out in post-production.

Behind Milo: Raw Take (1:04): Split screen take of the scene where Milo leaps upon the desk and knocks over the fan being done over and over a few times.

Interview With Ken Marino (9:49): Just what it says, an interview with Ken Marino
AXS TV: A Look At Bad Milo! (3:03): The same interview above, just shorter and interspersed with clips from the movie.
And finally you get the trailer.

I wonder if this flick gets successful enough to create an ass demon franchise?

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