Arrow Season 1 Episode 15- Dodger

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‘Arrow’ has been a hit for The CW and it’s brought the DC Universe back to life since we no longer have ‘Smallville’ and the movie universe for DC still doesn’t exist, the show grounds the universe and characters in reality and has did a pretty good job at adapting the characters to this setting. The latest episode introduces us to the character of The Dodger played with charm by James Callis who most people will know from Battlestar Galactica, the villains on the show are usely reserved for one or two episodes and play as a factor to progress the story and characters. It’s a formula that has worked for the show and in all honesty I think it’s a strong aspect of the show, we are dealing with a lot if you take the time to put it all together and it all revolves around The Queen Family, I think this is the Season 1 arc and since the show has been renewed for a second season I’m sure we’ll see more of the villains taking center stage.

The show kicks off with a security guard stealing a large jewel for The Dodger and it’s revealed his actions are being forced because he has an explosive collar hooked around his neck, The Dodger thanks him, removes the collar and puts him down with a electric shock to the heart. The main aspect of The Dodger is he doesn’t like to get his hands dirty and uses other people to get things done but he can also take care of himself, this is evident when a client trys to cheat him over in a deal for the large jewel. He takes the three men down with little effort with his little shock stick and as a way to leave a message shoots and kills the fence that tried to cheat him, James Callis brought a certain charm to this character which left the impression of weakness when it’s just the opposite.

We also get a glimpse into Oliver and his life on the island, the last couple of episodes have really expanded the story and his transformation while he survived on the island, we see him still taking care of Slade Wilson who was injured in the previous episode. Oliver had to dig the bullet out of his arm with a knife and as a result infection has set in and Wilson is looking at death so Oliver makes the decision to return to the cave and look for medicine. I like that we get to see Wilson in such a weak state after he spent the last couple of episodes being a major badass, it shows that the writers have a touch for allowing us to relate to the characters. We see Oliver make it to the cave and he’s gathering up the medicine when a bound and beaten man stumbles into the cave asking for help, he tells him he was shipwrecked here and captured by men wearing masks and tortured. We are starting to see Oliver losing his compassion because he doesn’t trust the man and pushes him for more information, he tells Oliver the only reason he got away is because the guards were called to a situation. Oliver for a second considers releasing him but at the last minute changes his mind and takes back, he gets the medicine to Wilson and tells him he didn’t get into any trouble while he was out. I loved the fact that we get to see Oliver refusing to help a person for the simple fact that he doesn’t know him and in a way this plays into the current Oliver in Starling City and his refusal to sway away from the list.

I feel that the subplots of this episode were in a way pointless and written as a way to advance the characters and it featured Oliver and Diggle each going out on dates, the scenario between Diggle and his former sister-in-law gives a bit more insight to him but Oliver really does little for his character on the show. The relationship between Oliver and McKenna is still feeling a bit forced and he came off as a real dick when they went out and she asked him about the island, maybe they are slowly building the relationship but for now I could do without it.

We are getting a bit more of the friendship between Thea and Laurel as well, Thea is still kind of bratty because it was community service or prison time and Laurel is trying to show her why she is making a difference in the city and trying to get Thea to open up a little bit. The character of Laurel has been great this first season and Katie Cassidy is perfect for the role because she can sell the emotional side of the character and throw down when the time comes, Thea on the other hand has been the typical spoiled brat over the season and this episode sees her get her purse stolen. They chase down the guy who is wearing a red hoodie and corner him when he reaches a large fence, he then smiles and hops it with ease and escapes, Thea does a little bit of detective work and tracks down the guy that stole her purse. We meet the young Roy Harper is cocky and is trying to survive on the streets and he gives a sob story and Thea decides not to press charges, she goes to his house later and he smiles and tells her not to believe every story she hears. I’m hoping that we get to see more Roy Harper because he’s a main player in the comics and I could see him and Thea as an item on the show, he was played by Colton Haynes and honestly he reminded me a lot of The Flash when he first debuted on Smallville.

We get to see the interaction between Oliver, Diggle and newest team member Felicity Smoak as he is heading out to take a name off of the list, she is worried about him hurting a simple thief who is widowed with children. The last few episodes have seen Diggle getting more used to seeing Oliver kill and this is something that Smoak doesn’t agree with and she locks Oliver in until he agrees to do it her way. I like the fact that Smoak is going to be a moral compass as of sorts for Oliver and I think she’ll stick with the team as well, we also see her have Oliver plant a bug on McKenna’s cell phone to keep tabs on the hunt for The Dodger. I like the tech aspect that she brings to the show and she brings up memories of Chloe Sullivan from Smallville as well, she still also has the best lines on the show.

We see the police department set up The Dodger with a fake buy for the jewel and he sees the cops coming and even though he loses the jewel he still makes it out where he comes face to face with Oliver, they go at it a little bit but The Dodger tosses a bomb which allows him to escape. Oliver, Diggle and Smoak come up with a plan to draw him out by setting him up with a rare necklace at an auction, the plan doesn’t go like they hoped and we The Dodger change his routine and swipe the jewel himself and hook a bomb necklace around Smoak when she confronts him. She goes to Diggle and Oliver for help and he takes off and uses the GPS in the necklace and chases him down, their confrontation is small and we see Oliver hit him in the arm with a small arrow and he grabs the device, knocks him out and frees Smoak from the collar. He also returns and apologizes to McKenna for the way he acted on the date, she accepts it and he finds out that Detective Lance is moving her to the case hunting down The Hood.

The main part of the story to me is when Moira Queen calls on an old associate trying to find a way to get her husband and get out of The Undertaking, her humanity is still there but she is still quilty and I think it’ll play a major role over the last few episodes. She gets a meeting with China White and tells her they need to kill Malcolm Merlyn but little does anyone know he’s running around as The Dark Archer killing to cover everyone who may be implicated by the list.

-When will Oliver adapt the name Green Arrow?

– I’m wondering if we will see Roy Harper become a regular.

-Next week we get the return of Deadshot. Hell Yeah.


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