FatHead Films Co-owner Announces Formation of New Film Company

Clifford K | 26 January 2012 | Indie News, The News Room | | 0 Comments   

FatHead Films co-owner Justin R. Romine has announced the formation of a new film company, Sweet Berry Wine Productions. Romine, the director of the controversial independent films What They Say (Best Actress Heather Dorff, 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival) and Afraid of Sunrise (Best Actor nominee Andy Schatner, 2011 Chicago Horror Film Festival), said he started Sweet Berry Wine Productions in order to separate grittier upcoming projects from those at FatHead, which is in pre-production for the children’s chiller Trapped.

Asserting he will remain equally involved with FatHead Films, Romine explained: “Sweet Berry Wine Productions was created so I could delve into the darker, more adult and horror-oriented materials. This will give us a platform to showcase those films, whereas with FatHead Films, we can focus on the education and acting prowess of the children we work with on a regular basis.”

Sweet Berry Wine Productions is in pre-production for its first films under the new banner, including What in the Sam Hill, written by and starring Willy Adkins (Spook Show Entertainment), and featuring Michael Schmid (4Lizard Productions) and Romine. Also in pre-production is soon-to-be cult classic Zombie Clowns, written by Romine and Adkins, and The Good Life, where Romine will be teaming up with former UNLV classmates Dustin Martin (Plainfield Entertainment) and Jason Tillmon. These three films are only the first of many, Romine promised.

Sweet Berry Wine Productions is also happy to announce that they will be involved in FatHead T.V., a horror sketch-comedy show that will be playing regularly on local cable. Romine says film is not Sweet Berry Wine’s only interest, however. “The studio is open to all facets of media and art. Having met, befriended, and worked with so many people opens up a huge avenue for us to discover all kinds of mixed media.” Romine says that the company will also offer instruction in screenwriting, acting, directing, filmmaking, producing, and editing, among other things. Romine instructs college classes in film, literature, and screenwriting. Private instruction is also available.

Sweet Berry Wine is: Justin R. Romine
President, C.E.O. and Principal Producer in Charge of Production IMDB

Michael Schmid
Co-President, Head Editor, and Principal Producer in Charge of Post Production IMDB

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Extra Tidbit: Justin R. Romine and horror legend Tony Todd (Candyman, Final Destination films) have worked together in Joe Hollow’s ‘Disciples’ (shown in the photo above) a film Justin also co-produced.

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